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Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Time to get out of the office for a bike ride on my lunch break

So ive been really stressed  recently and had to get out on my bike i did this journey on the 4/5/16 but due to  personal problem have only just been able to post it so i cycled the greenway on my lunch  break i  have done this  before  last year  and i'm surprised it hasn't really changed its amazing as all the people i met on the way were so courtesy to me and  thoughtful to cyclists  anyway  it was a 7.8 mile bike ride along a  green stretch of grass and no car here are some pictures i snapped along the way.

                                         (not sure what this is the board by it says "the british stink")

                                                     The end of the greenway to stratford

                                                    Some new apartments with a funky design
                                         West Hams  new stadium  and the orbital