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Tuesday, 24 May 2016

New Road shoes

So i ordered some road shoes and pedals for my bike  and I have to say it was hard getting used to them but a week in  and im starting to see how much easy and better they are

Sunday, 8 May 2016

Checking out the cs3 and getting lost :o

So i went for a bike rise today didnt really feel like it when i woke up but then i remembered why im doing it and having the news my friens nicky was induced into a coma last week because her lungs disnt want to work for her  and then she gets told this week she has  pneumonia i figures she has to battle this and im moaning because i have broncitus i realised i had to get out on my bike i starred with a plan to  go to dartford through greenwich and canary wharf which soon changed when i was out ans decided to try out the new cs3 super highway.

My opinion of it is it isnt perfect but it is certainly better then what was previously their i felt alot more safer although you get  to see loads of sights  like big Ben  London eye and at no point did I feel worried about cars although it was so hot today Check out my 25.9 mi Ride on Strava: