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Friday, 22 July 2016

My Training ride for ridelondon 100 and nicky campbell

Sorry not been updating  my blog for a while  due to some personal  issues   although rest assured i have been out onmy bike   i went out yesterday for a quick spin  before work   it was a  nice slow ride didnt  want to go to far or to knacker myself out ive been trying different  drinks to get ready for the ride100  i did only a 15 mile  ride yesterday  but felt good i was looking at my heart rate and it seems  good i basicly did the local area and i wore my zombie raccon  jersey  as you see from below pictures  cant really remember to much of the ride  but ive recently  had a lot of changes im trying to get used to and my  brainis still a little mushy  planning on going for a  few hours ride today and will update   straight away  hope everyine in the uk is enjoying the weather and  happy cycling  folks.

only 1  week to  ride london 100 and the pru are you all ready lol.